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Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world’s leading secondary market research companies. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and objective data on Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment markets to sector-leading companies worldwide.

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Online Payment Methods

- Global Online Payment Methods

- Global Alternative Online Payment Methods

- Global Card-Not-Present Payments

- Europe Online Payment Methods

- Middle East and Africa Online Payment Methods

- North America Online Payment Methods

- Latin America Online Payment Methods

- Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods

Retail E-Commerce

- Global B2C E-Commerce Market

- Western Europe B2C E-Commerce Market

- Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market

- Europe B2C E-Commerce Market

- Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market

- North America B2C E-Commerce Market

- Latin America B2C E-Commerce Market

- Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 

- Middle East B2C E-Commerce Market

Payment Topics & Trends

- Security and Fraud in Global Online Payments

- Global Payment Innovation & FinTech

- Global P2P Payments

- Global Omnichannel Payments

- Global Digital Payment Forecasts

- Global Real-Time Payments 

- Global POS Payment Methods

E-Commerce Topics & Trends

- Global Omnichannel Commerce

- Global M-Commerce

- Global Cross-Border E-Commerce

- Global B2C E-Commerce Logistics and Delivery

- Global E-Commerce Marketplaces

- Global Retail Innovation

- Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce

- Global Social Commerce 

COVID-19 Impact

- COVID-19’s Impact on Global E-Commerce

- COVID-19’s Impact on Online Payments

- COVID-19’s Impact on Online Verticals


- Global Online Travel Market

- Global Airline Online Booking Market

- Global Accommodation Online Booking Market

Mobile Payments

- Global Mobile Payment Methods

- Global Mobile Wallets


- Global B2B Payments

- Global B2B E-Commerce Market

- Global B2B E-Commerce Marketplaces

Other Verticals

- Global Digital Gaming Market

- Global Digital Goods Market

- Europe Online Gambling Market


- Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Market

Buy Now Pay Later Industry

- Global Buy Now Pay Later Industry  and Trends

- N. America Buy Now Pay Later Industry and Trends 

- Europe Buy Now Pay Later Industry and Trends


-  Europe Digital Health Market and Trends 2021

- Global Digital Health Market and Trends 2021


- Global B2C Marketplaces 

- Global B2B Marketplaces


- Global Internet of Things


Financial Services

- Global Open Banking

- Global Neo Banking 

Note: Our topic coverage is flexible and subject to change 


- Sustainability in Global E-Commerce and Payments 








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